Answers to our most commonly asked questions


What is HomeMax?

We enable our clients to receive a competitive cash offer for their home and move on their own timeline. No months of uncertainty. No more worrying about spending thousands updating and making repairs to their house. It’s a simple, smarter way to sell your home. Request a free, no obligation offer anytime.

What areas does HomeMax buy & sell homes?

Ohio Cincinnati Columbus Cleveland Dayton Toledo Kentucky Northern Kentucky Louisville Lexington Indiana Indianapolis Fort Wayne

How is selling to HomeMax different than selling the traditional way?

Sellers who work with HomeMax skip the costly preparation, frequent showings, and months of uncertainty that come with the traditional process. Instead of listing your home on the market and waiting to find a buyer, HomeMax will purchase your home directly from you at a fair and reasonable price. You also get to choose your close date to avoid expensive double-moves, double-mortgages and storage units. Our goal is to offer a fair market value for your home and to provide a streamlined experience from offer to closing.

Is HomeMax a home "Flipper"?

At HomeMax we have 3 different facets of our business and follow 3 different paths when purchasing your home. Our first path which is our main focus is the traditional “Flipper” path where HomeMax purchases your home, makes improvements and then sells it on the market as a retail home. Our second path is to purchase your home as a rental property where HomeMax purchases your home, makes the necessary improvements for a rental setting, and then places a tenant into the home. Our third and final path is to purchase your home with one of our investment partners with whom we have very strong and long-term relationships. Thru these partnerships we would then follow one of the previously mentioned paths.

What types of homes does HomeMax purchase?

We’re currently purchasing homes that fit the following criteria: - Single family homes - Townhomes - Duplexes - Condos - Multi-Unit buildings - Distressed homes - Tax and/or mortgage delinquent homes - Homes that are site-built, pre-fabricated or mobile house converted to real estate - Homes located in our service areas - Homes in which the seller has clear ownership of the property (no double escrow) - Homes that are not in or near flood zones - Homes that are owner-occupied or vacant, not leased, at the time of closing HomeMax strives to provide a competitive offer on your home in just a few clicks, saving you from the stress and hassle that comes with listing your home on the market in the traditional way. Every offer is backed by a combination of local real estate expertise and the most current market data.

How does HomeMax determine the offer price for my home?

We take hundreds of factors into consideration, including: 1. The information that you submitted about your home.Including its special features and upgrades (Sending photos can be really helpful)! 2. Current local market trends such as home price appreciation or depreciation. 3. Recent sales of similar homes (a.k.a “comps”).
First, we find homes that are within a half mile of yours that have similar features, and use them as a baseline for your home’s price. Then we make line item adjustments. For example, if your home has granite countertops, and the comparable home doesn’t, we’ll give you credit for the upgrade.

Does someone come out to value my home?

We typically make an offer within 1-2 business days without needing to send someone to your home. Our offer is based on the information you provide about your home, current market trends, and recent comparable home sales. We follow a proven, 3-step process to competitively price your home. We start by reviewing all the detailed information you submitted about your home, such as features and upgrades, as well as public information we have on your home. Then, we look at sale prices of homes comparable to yours in your area. Of course, no two homes are exactly the same, so we make dollar value adjustments to each comp to account for the differences between the two homes. We also adjust for neighborhood trends like how quickly homes in your area are appreciating in value. Finally, after making all of these adjustments, we look at detailed information about your home condition, size, and arrive at your competitive offer. If you decide to accept the offer, you can schedule a free home assessment to confirm the condition of your home. During the assessment, we will verify the condition and details about your home. Please note that your net proceeds may change if your home needs repairs, or your home details are different than the information provided to us.

What happens to my home after i've sold it to HomeMax?

After we purchase your home, we handle the repairs, and maintenance. We often make additional investments such as landscaping, painting, replacing countertops and floors. Once the house is ready, we put it on the market so that buyers can purchase it in the traditional. We then go through the same waiting and uncertainty that we help sellers avoid!

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